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Frequently Asked Questions

What size samples do you stock?

We currently have sample sizes 8 - 26UK

Can I book for Bridesmaids or Accessories only?

We currently only sell bridesmaids dresses off the peg, and have singles or sets of 2. All on SALE @ 99STG each or less. 1 set of 3 left sizes 8 + 10. Yes you can book an Accessories only appointment online.

How do I book an appointment?

You can Book Online through this website or you can book by telephone. We recommend booking by telephone if you are looking for an appointment the same day, as this is quicker

I am getting married soon, can you help?

Yes, we certainly can, we have Sale dresses available every day and we also Take Home Today dresses, which may not be on sale but that can be bought off the peg and taken home the same day

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