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Our Policy Information

At The Bridal Showroom, we want to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience possible and here are some of our policies to help you prepare for your appointment. 

We operate a strictly no tan policy. Please avoid wearing tan in the week or days leading up to your appointment.

Appointments in the main bridal room is  Bride plus 3 or 4 adult guests. Our smaller room is max 3 guests. 

When you book, we will ask you if you know anyone getting married who has bought their wedding dress with us, so we can 

hide the sample gown out back during your appointment to help you avoid trying something on that 

someone you know has already ordered. 

Deposit secures your order and deposits are non-refundable, your dress is ordered especially for you and cannot be returned or exchanged,  and so we always ensure you are 100 percent certain before taking your order. 

Once your dress arrives in, the balance is due immediately and your dress will be tried on and collected within 4 weeks during which time there is no storage fee. 

Storage fees can be paid upfront for longer storage time if needed. 

Thank you, Sharon x

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