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Our Policy Information

At The Bridal Showroom, we want to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience possible and here are some of our policies to help you prepare for your appointment. 

We operate a STRICTLY NO TAN policy. If you arrive with any tan on, you can look but we would have to rebook you for another day to try on. Please avoid wearing tan in the days before your appointment to avoid any disappointment of not being able to try on on the day. 

Masks must be worn as per Covid regulations, please let us know if you are exempt. 

We have hand sanitiser on-site throughout the store. 


Appointments are limited to Bride plus Two due to Social Distancing. You can of course Zoom/ FaceTime from your appointment. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE WITH MORE THAN YOUR ASSIGNED NUMBER OF ADULT GUESTS AS WE DO NOT WANT TO BE PUT IN THE POSITION OF HAVING TO TURN SOME OF YOUR GUESTS AWAY. We have to keep our safety measures in place and all play our part to hopefully be able to keep the county open so people can enjoy Christmas this year. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, our customers have been amazing and very supportive and adhering to all safety measure, helping to keep us open and helping everyone to stay safe. Thank you, Sharon x